U.S. forces call the first strike a surgical military strike against a "target of opportunity" near Baghdad.

Saddam speaks on Iraqi television and says to his people: "With the help of God, you will attain victory and your enemies will be in disgrace."

Iraq says it will file a complaint with the United Nations, calling the U.S.-led attack "a violation of international law."

France says it is "deeply concerned" by coalition airstrikes, urges for quick resolution of the conflict.

South Korea raises its military alert level amid concerns that North Korea may use the distraction of war to raise tensions.

U.S. State Department issues worldwide alert to U.S. citizens that there may be increased anti-American violence.

Whee! I sure feel patriotic now!
I'm quoting the Indigo Girls again, because hey. It's what I do.

the center holds so they say
(it never held too well for me)
it never held too well for me
(the center holds so they say)
i won't stop short for common ground
(that vilifies the trodden down)
that vilifies the trodden down
(i won't stop)

the center held the bonded slave
for the sake of industry
the center held the bloody hand
of the executioner man

Where's my girlfriend?

Note: I tried to post this earlier and it won't go. So I'll just add this note and try again. I went downtown with my advisor and we talked for 2.5 hours about my life and her life and this war and Bush II etc. It was great. I needed to get it out there to someone who hadn't yet heard it. I'm really glad she's in my life, and I know my crush on her is foolishness, and really I'm sure I'll get over it, but that's okay.

So after the wonderful talk I went with Connie to the protest at the Courthouse. We got cold and hungry, but we're going back at 7.30 with candles and warmer clothes and umbrellas. So we're standing there and all of a sudden I see The Creature come out of CVS. SHE'S HERE! What the fuck? For those of you who don't know, she was my first girlfriend, abusive and just generally a bad person. She's never good news for people in her life and she's in my fucking town.

Who wants to be in my posse?


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