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2009-05-16 04:57 pm

Bike for sale

We're selling Coren's very sexy bike on craigslist. If you or any of your bay-area friends would love an early 70s Schwinn racer as it deserves to be loved, let me know. This is a lovely bike and I am sad to think of it being mistreated.
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2008-08-13 08:36 pm

Open Letter to AC Transit

If one does not press the accelerator so enthusiastically, one need not apply the breaks so suddenly.
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2008-04-26 07:00 pm

(no subject)

Anyone in Chicago have a dentist they'd recommend? Or one they'd absolutely recommend I stay away from? Northside-ish is better, but we'll totally travel for someone who is not an asshole.
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2008-04-19 08:34 am

(no subject)

So C and I are moving downstairs in two weeks. We have commenced looking at the IKEA catalog, and tonight we measure the kitchen to plan our strategy. In a moment of brilliance, I remember that I still have a best buy gift certificate from several christmases ago, and went to check out TVs on their website. I've never purchased a TV, except for the one I got at the Salvation Army in college for $2 (marked down from $5 because the fag working thought we were cute). Apparently, $200 is the low end for a TV, and 20" screens are considered compact. I feel like a dinosaur.
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2007-09-29 08:14 pm

One useful thing I learned from my ex

From [ profile] bearsir, but tweaked because I don't feel like talking about the "bad" ones.

Vegan chocolate cake can be really fucking good if you get the proportions right, even if the idea of vinegar and baking soda as a leavening agent is creepy. If only I had paid more attention to what those proportions were!
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2007-09-29 06:19 pm

(no subject)

Lying around naked is a great way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon, but it will not get the laundry done, the GRE studied for, the kitchen cleaned, the food cooked or the bike lock keys found.

All the same, it really is quite lovely.
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2007-09-12 09:05 pm

(no subject)

Shana Tovah, folks.

May the new year be full of joy and love for all of you.
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2007-07-07 03:58 pm

(no subject)

Apparently when old stuff comes back up, it's because you have the tools to deal with it.

Or something. I'm not sure I like this "growth" thing.

Also, it's too hot to eat. Not. Good.
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2007-04-08 11:07 am

A Poem for April


I put two yellow peepers in an owl.
Wow. I fix the grin of Crocodile.
Spiv. I sew the slither of an eel.
I jerk, kick-start, the back hooves of a mule.
Wild. I hold the red rag to a bull.
Mad. I spread the feathers of a gull.

I screw a tight snarl to a weasel.
Fierce. I stitch the flippers on a seal.
Splayed. I pierce the heartbeat of a quail.

I like her to be naked and to kneel.
Tame. My motionless, my living doll.
Mute. And afterwards I like her not to tell.

Carol Ann Duffy
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2007-03-26 05:14 pm

Tips for life

In life we often reach a crossroads. A place of decision, a chance to take one path and leave the other behind forever. Sometimes it is obvious what the choice is, othertimes it is very unclear. I find myself in this place frequently these days, and it can be very distressing. even knowing how to come to a decision is difficult. On occasion I have wondered if the answer was perhaps to lie on the floor, possibly crying in frustration. Or maybe it involved the internets. But I have realized something. It is *always* better to approach a crossroad armed with the tools to make good choices and steel yourself for the consequences. So as I reach the crossroads of the late afternoon and must decide what to eat for dinner and whether to take a nap, i shall pause and eat a small piece of homemade flourless chocolate cake with raspberry coulis. It is not the answer, but it's still a damn good idea.

If only all discernment could be eased with baked goods.
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2007-03-15 07:34 am

(no subject)

1. What's your absolute favouritest chocolate?

My favorite chocolate? Oh man. For baked goods (which are really my favorite kind of sweet), I love a slice of flourless chocolate cake with some sort of complimentary raspberry thing. Second best is a chocolate almond croissant from the cafe next to my train station first thing in the morning. For store-bought in-a-wrapper, my current favorite are those dark chocolate oranges. I had a dream about one last night, actually, probably in response to this question.
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2007-02-24 08:27 pm

(no subject)

Step 1: Put your music player of choice on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Webcheating is frowned upon!

1) When I agree with you baby, it makes you mad
2) Who knows how long I've loved you? You know I love you still.
3) I had a friend was a big baseball player back in high school
4) At first you were a dream, but now you're a nightmare
5) Just knockin' around the zoo on a thursday afternoon
6) Don't trouble the water (I won't) Leave it alone
7) Damn that television! What a bad picture!
8) My heart was broken, my heart was broken
9) I'm sittin here watchin', matchbox holdin my clothes
10) It's 16 miles to the promised land, and I promise you, I'm doing the best I can
11) My little darling oh how I loved you, how I loved you none could tell
12) cada dia pienso en ti
13) Well it gets about three, everything is swell
14) Let's get it crunk, we gonn have fun in this dancarie
15) Baby, sweet baby, you're my drug
16) I'm sorry that I hit you, but my string snapped
17) One day while bathing in the sea, my talking dolphin spoke to me
18) It's been rough and rocky travellin, but I'm finally standing upright on the ground
19) Dear I fear we're facing a problem,
20) I am you are me
21) Hey you, you're way ahead of me
22) Do what I want cuz I can if I don't cuz I wanna
23) I was ridin number nine headin south from caroline
24) Once I lived a life of a millionaire
25) Ahhh Kansas City, gonna get my baby back home, a yeah yeah

I think the only embarassing thing about this is the music I got from friends and never sat down and listened to.

I also realized that most of the time when I get really excited about a song, it's one I first heard before I turned 18. They say musical taste is pretty much solidified by the time you're 25. If that's true, I can only thank my lucky stars that I was raised by a woman with a decent collection each of blues, jazz, rock and opera.
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2007-02-14 06:57 am


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2007-02-08 10:30 pm

(no subject)

Hey, I went here today. I may have sent an email about it to some of you. Anyway. For very little money, you can purchase bed nets to be distributed to people in malaria-plagued African countries. Check it out.
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2007-01-31 08:45 pm

(no subject)

Today on the elevator at work I heard two women in fur coats discussing which animals deserved to die for their coats.
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2007-01-26 11:29 pm


I want a penguin.
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2007-01-21 05:24 pm


Friends, this is your required viewing for today.
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2007-01-21 03:09 pm

(no subject)

Who can watch the football game when there are so many good movies at the Music Box? I'm contemplating going and watching Jules and Jim, The Organizer and Knife in the Water all in a row.

I think I will actually probably go to the laundromat with To the Lighthouse instead. This isn't quite as sad as when I missed Aguirre: the Wrath of God. I think in the future, Sundays will have to be Music Box days for me. Or at least go see The Italian. Maybe I'll even remember a few words of Russian along the way.