In life we often reach a crossroads. A place of decision, a chance to take one path and leave the other behind forever. Sometimes it is obvious what the choice is, othertimes it is very unclear. I find myself in this place frequently these days, and it can be very distressing. even knowing how to come to a decision is difficult. On occasion I have wondered if the answer was perhaps to lie on the floor, possibly crying in frustration. Or maybe it involved the internets. But I have realized something. It is *always* better to approach a crossroad armed with the tools to make good choices and steel yourself for the consequences. So as I reach the crossroads of the late afternoon and must decide what to eat for dinner and whether to take a nap, i shall pause and eat a small piece of homemade flourless chocolate cake with raspberry coulis. It is not the answer, but it's still a damn good idea.

If only all discernment could be eased with baked goods.
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