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( Sep. 8th, 2006 11:06 am)
People, I need some thoughts. If you have had your wisdom teeth out (or comparable oral surgery that severly limits what you can eat and hurts like hell for days afterwards), what did you enjoy eating? I recall mostly eating jello and custard until I couldn't take it anymore. Possibly also broth. Any other ideas? I'm looking for things that don't need to be chewed, don't have to be hot, keep well and are filling, and don't contain small particles (like rice. bad news). Also, no straws -- sucking pulls out stitches.

Time is somewhat important in this request.
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( Feb. 5th, 2005 01:20 am)
Kosher K was wonderful, very crowded but not in a hectic way. It felt like family, even though I only knew half the people there. Having dinner with Lauren is always wonderful, and she and Rachel were in rare form tonight. Britta was there and it just felt so good to have all these people I care about in one place. I went over to Albright to do work with Rachel later. Of course work didn't really happen, but it was a nice quiet night, at the end of which we went to Hopkins for midnight tea and Britta and Jacqui Shine. Oh Jacqui Shine. So hot right now.

And there was more, but none for you, internet. I'll tell you when it either goes well or blows up in my face. Mmmhmmm.
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( Jan. 30th, 2005 01:51 am)
Logic: I like music. I like making other people listen to my music. I like talking about music. I like talking. I should have a radio show. Former Future Roommate and I enjoy similar music. We enjoy talking. We think we're hilarious. We should have a radio show together.

I'm currently making a mix for Connie. I really should be going to bed, and I will be soon. I gave her a mix a while ago, and she hasn't listened to it yet, and I just looked at the track listing on my iTunes. And it's horrible! There were a few days where my mixing abiilties totally went in the toilet. If I were in a wacky coming of age comedy, I'd break into her room and replace it with one better. In reality, I realize that if she can be friends with me after I demonstrated tonight that I'm clearly TOO DUMB TO LIVE, she can probably deal with my occasional loss of any ability to compose a mix. So this one needs to be really good so that I can redeem myself a bit, if only in my own eyes.
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( Dec. 20th, 2004 02:46 am)
Connie punched me in the face today. The engineer made an angry face when she heard. I admitted it was an accident, and my fault for poking in ticklish places, and then of course I had to explain that I wasn't being inappropriate, Connie is just very ticklish. I swear! I wasn't hitting on her! It was nice to know that a touch of jealousy can be inspired, I'll admit. (But for serious, I wasn't hitting on her. Bible trivia just got waaay out of hand)

Lauren and I had a nice talk about people. we used to date. and how different people are when you know them in a one-on-one context of opening up, vulnerability, etc. than in the normal course of things. Which of course led to her being all happy about Connie, and then the engineer showed up and we all ate dinner together! Like friends! Who like each other!

I've made the decision to ask for an extension on my seminar paper, and it's made me so much more sane. That and the engineer and I had a really good talk today and we still have Things to Deal With etc etc but things are currently so much better and I feel so much better.

I'm popping chocolate-covered espresso beans and drinking diet coke. It must be because I miss Skeefe so much. Curse you, Nebraska!

Um. Actual work? Yes please!


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