Tonight there was a mission for martinis. After many trials and tribulations, this mission was accomplished, and then some. We went to the Hotel Northampton intending to have a drink apiece, ended up having four and nachos. For those of you keeping track at home, this included: three (3) dirty martinis, one (1) consumed by me; three (3) perfect 10s, none consumed by me, but one sipped; two (2) chocolate raspberries, one of which was mine; two (2) bloody marys, which I sampled cheerfully (why aren't more drinks made with horseradish?); two (2) guinnesses which I didn't touch; and two (2) Killian's, which I didn't share.

I have discovered a new favorite drink. For those of you who have yet to be introduced to this beautiful experience, let me explain. The dirty martini is vodka, olive juice, and three large olives on a fun little plastic sword. As the table was entirely composed of soc geeks, there was a comment made and appreciated about martinis coming with swords and cosmos coming with cherries. The raspberry chocolate (raspberry stoli and godiva liqueur) was tasty. The dirty martini was revelatory. I love olives, I love vodka. Why didn't anyone explain this to me earlier? I was a little embarassed to be drunk in front of my advisor, but I held it together well. By which I mean my worst behavior was really my loss of filter, which was compensated for by others losing their hearing.

All in all, a successful evening, and I even cleaned my room before going out.


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