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( Dec. 20th, 2004 02:46 am)
Connie punched me in the face today. The engineer made an angry face when she heard. I admitted it was an accident, and my fault for poking in ticklish places, and then of course I had to explain that I wasn't being inappropriate, Connie is just very ticklish. I swear! I wasn't hitting on her! It was nice to know that a touch of jealousy can be inspired, I'll admit. (But for serious, I wasn't hitting on her. Bible trivia just got waaay out of hand)

Lauren and I had a nice talk about people. we used to date. and how different people are when you know them in a one-on-one context of opening up, vulnerability, etc. than in the normal course of things. Which of course led to her being all happy about Connie, and then the engineer showed up and we all ate dinner together! Like friends! Who like each other!

I've made the decision to ask for an extension on my seminar paper, and it's made me so much more sane. That and the engineer and I had a really good talk today and we still have Things to Deal With etc etc but things are currently so much better and I feel so much better.

I'm popping chocolate-covered espresso beans and drinking diet coke. It must be because I miss Skeefe so much. Curse you, Nebraska!

Um. Actual work? Yes please!


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