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( Feb. 5th, 2003 05:02 pm)
  • Does anyone else remember Goofus and Gallant? Oh Highlites, where would we be without your moral guidelines?

  • Does anyone else now feel really really stupid because they too habitually mispronounce "nuclear?"

  • Today I ran into (almost literally!) the head of the Smith Republicans Club in the women's restroom outside of History of Rock and Roll. I really wanted to ask her why she thought Ann Coulter was a good person to spearhead the club's (now seemingly defunct) passage into local credibility, but I figure she gets that a lot.

  • I finally got my comforter in the mail! I'm cleaning my room so that I can safely unfold it. I think I might stay in bed for three days to mark its presence in my life.

  • Sometimes I do really stupid things in public and embarass my girlfriend, and later I feel like an ass and just want to hide under my bed. I don't fit under my bed though, so I just suck it up and hope that everyone who noticed was struck by lightning shortly therafter.

  • If anyone is thinking about funny examples of the previous statement and wants to share them with the rest of the class, don't.

  • My drag king calander really really sucks. To quote my user icon "I've seen Avon ladies with more balls."

  • I got my application for the Harvard Summer program. I really hope that I get in and that my parents can pay for it.

  • As soon as I get around to it, I'm writing back to my father's email and telling him I haven't gotten the check he promised me three weeks ago, and that no, I don't want to hear about his date, thank you very much.

  • Listening to cds I got years ago is sometimes odd, particularly with cds that I stopped listening to. Case in point, most of my ani reminds me of senior year of high school, which is not a time in my life that I really like to sit around and contemplate, even at the urging of a therapist.

  • I ran almost two and a half miles today. I rule.

  • I think Tuesday will be yoga day from now on. Mondays and Wednesdays are far too busy on their own. I think I will also try to go to the gym Friday mornings.

  • My mom missed two days of work this week, I'm kind of worried about her.
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