A free-standing wine cellar ($232). I want it, but in the dream house in my head -- the only place I can afford such a luxury -- I already have it. The Calphalon Professional Nonstick II 10-Inch Omelette Pan is more tempting, and at $33.41, it's with a heavy heart that I say no. Now, the all weather image stabilizing binocluars seem useless, considering how close the cutter windows really are. ::evil grin::

They want me to buy a coffee maker that both grinds the beans and brews the coffee, and has a thermal pot. Impressive, or overkill?

Item 8 is a Calphalon Professional Hard Anodized Collectors Edition 11-Inch Square Griddle with Nonstick Finish for only $17.99. Why must they torture me? It's down from $67.00. If I hadn't just maxed out my credit card, I'd buy this for me to use at Holly's apartment.
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( Mar. 1st, 2003 07:56 pm)
Is it more amusing or disturbing to see in reviews extolling the wonders of a grammar book "past" misused for "passed"?
You know, it's really odd encountering the parents of my school mates/friends/exes in unexpected places. Or even expected places that aren't related to their kids. My first experience with this was when I opened an article I was supposed to read for a class on Feminism and Christianity, and one of the sources in the Bibliography was my ex-boyfriend Bill's mother, the president of the UCC seminary in Chicago. I'm constantly coming across the father of Chris, a kid who was in my german classes, because he was a co-author on a famous sex survey done in the early nineties. More recently I keep coming across the names of Malik and Chesa's parents because they were members of the Weathermen. I guess that's what you get for going to my high school, but it's bizarre to be reminded exactly who my high school associates are.


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