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( Jul. 12th, 2003 11:10 am)
I am 25.04931% geek (Total Geek) according to this test. I didn't expect anything higher, since my geekiness has less to do with Star Wars and computers than it does with languages and grammar and being right. Plus, I'm able to communicate with non-geeks. I'm like the translator.

I was going to get a learner's permit today, but I was thwarted by my lack of Social Security Card. "But Sarah," you will say. "Why not use your passport, W2s, health insurance card or other document dirived from your Social Security Number?" Well, that would be because the State of Indiana does not accept anything not dirived from the Social Security office, or other related government agencies. Stupid heads.

My spirits will not sag, however. I shall go with my mother to the guitar store, they will take it to fix it, and I shall look at electric guitars. Mwahahhahahahaaaaaa. Perhaps I will even buy music! Soon I shall be assailing the ears of those around me with my fresh brand of post-pop pseudo-punk practicing.

There will also be a trip to the knitting store.
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( Jul. 12th, 2003 11:11 pm)
So today I was online on my mom's laptop, and I popped up the "Favorites" menu to add a site to it. I scanned the list and saw "The Chickenhawk Database." No, impossible. I was sure that there had to be some mistake. A virus? It was the only explanation.

Then I realized "Oh! Like the bird!" Yeah.

So I just watched "Keeping the Faith" with my folks. Incredibly cute, but I could have done with less sexiness while my parents were there. EWWWWWWWWW! Okay. That aside, it really was wonderful. A few things I would criticize more than a little, but overall I enjoyed it very much. It was not just a love story, though I did enjoy that aspect, but there was more to it and it was done fairly well. Plus, I really like Jenna Elfman, and Ben Stiller's growing on me as a romantic lead. Ed Norton was great as well.

Knitting store didn't happen, but I did find a couple electrics that I'm really temped by. Perry said he'd pay half, so when I go back to get my acoustic, I'm going to take another look and hopefully get one plus an amp. I was thinking about a distortion pedal too, but then I decided that I could get one later this summer, back at school or online after I've had the guitar for a while and just gotten used to what it can do on its own. I'm really excited about this. The amp is tiny, but it's just a practice amp and it comes with head phones, so I can practice when the folks are in bed. I'm super busy, but I'm glad I took today off from schoolwork (despite the midterm paper) and knitted and played with the guitar. We also stopped by a Jack Russell breeder today and played with puppies. I totally fell in love with one of them. Her name is Tiki, she is white with black and brown markings on her head. She's so sweet and affectionate, but also rambunctious and independent. I was crouching and she kept jumping up on my thighs to get love before bouncing back off again to chase her friend Giggles. Poor Walso was feeling his age and got really mad, both at the puppies and us for bringing him there. He's been grumpy about it all day. He's a totally drama queen, he knows he's the baby and we all love him.

I'm off to knit and fantasize about being in a rock band with Skeefe.


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