• Connie and I actually went on our date Friday! It was dreamy. We went to Haymarket, and I got coffee and said I didn't want to split a cookie and then nibbled on hers anyway.

  • Today Connie and I got in fight in the dining hall because she didn't call me today, and after such a nice date too. That bitch. She tried to dump me, but I dumped her! Then she tried to get me to take her back as soon as I started to talk to another girl. Who does she think she is? I told her we could still be friends, but then she said she couldn't be friends with me without wanting to be with me. What a drama queen! WTF mate?

  • When Connie says things like "I just want you to hold me" it creeps us both out. Ew.

  • I'm glad that I still eat in Ziskind all the time. Ziskind rules.

  • Deena came over tonight, and we talked and chilled and she updated me on her life. She tried to play like she's not Hottie McSexy, but we all know the truth. Skeefe came over and the three of us watched Old School. I will never get those 90 minutes back. Deena fled went home to bed after Skeefe and I started fighting (she started it!) and Skeefe and I watched Buffy. Now we're having a sleepover and skeefe is already asleep. Time to take pictures of her drooling to post on the net.

  • If Connie tries to talk to me, I'm not talking to her. Let her try.

  • Why hasn't she called???????
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