Work work work. If only. I spent this morning hitting snooze after Skeefe crashed last night. We watched Buffy (Season three -- the first and a Christmas miracle, for those of you keeping track) and then I harassed her and she watched me knit. She was very good and got up and was out by 9.10 (not such a feat, seeing as her "getting dressed" was putting on slippers and a coat). I was very bad and slept until 11. Brunch involved a waffle and procrastination. There was library and some grading. Holly arrived bearing a desk-top tree and a butterfly chair. Bonus points for folding furniture! Work was avoided, the long lost physicist was seen, and a card was bestowed. Dinner was eaten with lovely ladies in which Mount Holyoke was mocked (I thought "wow, moho's have changed, until I saw they were all wearing Smith sweatshirts"), Deena met Darcy, Lesley Jo and Charrow, and Connie asked me on another date! She's the best pretend ex-girlfriend ever. Holly and I were gross much to the delight of a table full of Parsonites. There was much Parsons love.

After dinner I emailed my prof-boss with a grading question, only to find that my job has been made much much easier. "All answers relating to the chapter will be accepted." Score. Durkheim was read, passages were cited, copies of extra reading were made. Skeefe and I made road-trip plans and decided to get married. Marriage plans were abandoned when I discovered that she didn't know where Toronto was in relation to MA. This seems like a less egregious error if you don't know that she had previously called Baltimore a state. She'll blame reading period, I'm sure. I gave her an F- in life. We will live in Portland, or we will move to Berlin where she will do sidewalk pastel art and I will work in a bakery. We will have a travelling (due to angry mobs) caberet act and produce cafe-press t-shirts on the side. Most excellent.

Feeling slightly panicy, but less so now. I did miss the tea on Friday where I was to reveal myself to my "Secret Snowflake." Doh. I felt like an ass. I therefore got her hot chocolate and candy canes and marshmellows to make up for it. I considered but abandoned the idea of adding peppermint schnapps to the package. Maybe next time. I must go leave my gifts, then to bed with my lovely lady!


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